Enrique Gomez - MBA, MEd, PMP, PSM

Welcome recruiter. This web portfolio showcases my work experience, education, and special skills as they relate to recruitment topics common in today's interviews. It also demonstrates a skillset few often see from a senior IT manager which is web, UX, and visual design. It is a small sample, but hopefully it demonstrates my commitment keeping my skills and knowledge fresh while applying modern techniques to classical stying.

Portfolio Highlights

Below you will find an online version of my standard resume content. This will include work experience summary, formal education, and technical skills. The experience section includes a tour of past programs, special achievemements, and employer profiles. The RESUME page includes a PDF viewer with my latest extended resume and a download link.

For the 2020 year, I am seeking employement as a Senior Program Manager or related/equivalent roles under DevOps or Product Line Management titles such as Product Line Manager, Product Owner/Manager, Program Manager, Senior Project Manager, etc. I realize the title will vary by complexity of program and organizational structure. I want to:
· Lead a team of project managers and technical SMEs to delivery superior experiences
· Continue to expand my experience and knowledge in the large enterprise IT domain
· Expand on my growing Human Centered Design & Research experience
· Continue to grow in the Digital Workforce Development and Employee Experience domain
· Support your Virtual Workforce Development and Collaboration initiatives
· Share my expertise in interactive media and content developmemt
· Do more in Augmented/Virtual Reality & 360 media


Over the past few years I have held the following job titles. In many cases, my employer asked me to perform multiple roles simultaneously in support of various corporate and service delivery roles based on organizational needs. Additional detail may be found below, or on the EXPERIENCE page.

Program & Project Management

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Leading IT Programs & PMOs Under DevOps, Agile, & Legacy Waterfall

I have over 16 years experience in:
· Software Development & SDLCs
· Agile Practices (Scrum, Kanban)
· Lean Six Sigma
· Virtual teams
· Full Lifecycle Government & Large Enterprise Projects

Applying the most modern methodologies (SAFe, PLM, ScrumBan, ProSci OCM, HCD, Open Data, Open API, & more…) I can help kickstart new programs or help align existing ones to new/emergent enterprise design patterns and practices.

Allow me to lead new programs, cloud migrations, interoperability initiatives, organizational changes, legacy modernizations, and scaled-agile PMOs.

Technical & Strategic Planning SME

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Providing Expertise as an Engineer, Enterprise Architect, & Digital Services SME

With extensive expertise in research, Human Centered Design (HCD), and data analysis, I can help stand up data-driven practices to drive project efficiency and sustainability. I am a recognized, published, and awarded researcher in the field of OCM and Experience Management. This expertise helps improve outcomes of any IT program with special skills related to user needs assessment, journey mapping, data collection and instrument design, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, statistical modeling, and field research. As a professional engineer, I have extensive experience in human factors, interface design, and data acquisition. As a former technical and enterprise architect, I am well versed in large enterprise and cloud, data, and information architectures, systems design & prototyping, and supporting technical services.

I leverage these skills to better serve the customer and create value streams within the programs I serve.

Solutions Architect

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Providing Solutions Design, Proposal Writing, & Business Capture Support

I have experience supporting growth and capture of business with a winning track record across a broad range of technical domains- web, mobile, COTS/SaaS systems, PaaS infrastructure rollouts, security planning and accreditations, and other digital services. I can perform solutions design, architecture planning, and technical proposal authoring to create winning proposals. I can support growth by securing positions on IDIQs and other large contract vehicles. I have a high-win rate and am recommended by the teams I have partnered with.

No matter what position I earn, I always strive to grow the business, improve bottom lines, and support financial sustainability.


"The most rewarding part of my work has been in the handoff and approval. There is no greater feeling than handing a customer a real, tangible product and relishing in the joy of a job well done."
"Pride is a metric. If you can feel pride in your teams work- without reservation- you're doing something right."
"My coin is kindness. I try to share as much as I can, as often as I can, and the cool thing is... the balance never runs out." Enrique Gomez, 2020


The timeline below highlights the past 24 years of work history. These reflect roles of leadership, stewardship, and technical excellence across a variety of industries and knowledge domains. Additional work history available upon request.
  1. Chief/Sr Solutions Architect


    Veterans EZ Info Inc

    Technical Lead on Business Capure Team responsible for solutioning, planning, and authoring of proposal content. Direct report to the VP of Strategic Growth and Business Development.

    • Primary Author for "Technical Volume" of the Technical Proposal
    • Technical SME on large enterprise SDLCs, SAFe/Agile Methodologies, PMOs, HCD, analytics, and architecture/workflow design (systems, data, information, HR resources, and toolchains)
    • Support of Service Delivery as an Enterprise and Technical Solutions Architect
    • Lead for proposal efforts coordinating sub-contractors and partners using the Shipley Proposal Writing process for content creation, review, and publication

  2. Sr IT Program/Project Manager


    US Department of Veterans Affairs

    IT Specialist, GS-14, Series 2210 APPS-SW Project Management Competency

    Over a decade of service I held various roles with differing degrees of complexity, risk, team size, and budget. Projects were as small as $2M and as large as $609M, TCV. Team size ranged from just over a dozen, to well over 200. The most recent programs assignment included a mix of the following concurrent roles within the scope of a single programmatic entity.

    • Sr IT Program & Project Manager (roles varied by program assigned) and Technical Lead overseeing a team of contract and government PMs performing software development under DevOps
    • Product Owner responsible for specialized Architecture DevOps Team
    • Project Manager overseeing the delivery and closure of legacy apps contracts
    • Technical SME lending expertise in the areas of research, Human Centered Design, Agile transformation, and Scrum-Ban methods
    • Agile Transformation Leader and Coach

  3. IT Director


    Flame Technologies Inc.

    Director of IT Operations, Engineering/Manufacturing Support, and Quality Programs

    • Responsible for local data center and remote hosted systems
    • Supported creation of business intelligence dashboards and tools
    • Developed ERP/MRP baseline configurations for accounting, HR, and MRP visual scheduling tools
    • Responsible for online presence including web design, marketing media, interactive media, and support of marketing and sales teams.

  4. Independent Consultant/Contractor


    Self Employed

    While going to school under the VA's vocational rehabilitation program, I supported local small business' technology and infrastructure needs in the areas of:

    • Software and ERP/MRP systems
    • Network equipment intallation and configurations
    • Server installation and configuration
    • Web design and media services

  5. US Army (Active Duty)


    US Department of Defense, US Army

    Finance, MOS 73C

    • Attached to Special Projects Team for Y2K security accreditation
    • Assigned Systems Security Officer for Battalion HQ
    • Responsible for systems security planning and accreditations
    • Honorable Discharge (medical) for injuries sustained during duty. Service connected disability rating of 60%.


My education includes formal education, continuing education, and professional development training. I firmly believe in lifelong learning and continue to strive for excellence by making sure skills and experiences are fresh, relevant, and provide value to my employers.

St. Mary's University

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware & Control Systems Design
  • Human Factors & Interfaces
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis

Western Governors University

Master of Business Administration- IT Management

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Change Managememt
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Systems Management

Western Governors University

Master of Education - Instructional Design & Learning Technology

  • User Research & Analysis
  • Learning Theory & Methods
  • Design of Adult Instruction
  • Content Delivery and LMS Technologies

Earned Excellence in Academic Research Award (2017) by the WGU Academic Research Board.


My education includes formal education, continuing education, and professional development training. I firmly believe in lifelong learning and continue to strive for excellence by making sure skills and experiences are fresh, relevant, and provide value to my employers.

Professional Certifications

Project Management Institute

Project Management Professional (PMP) Cert (Issued Aug 2008) PMP#1199886 Recert (Expires Aug 2023) PMP#2788241

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Cert ID# 571228 No Expiration


Federal Acquisitions Center (FAC)

Senior (Level 3) FAC Program/Project Manager (FAC-PPM) Adv (Level 2) FAC Contract Officers Representative (FAC-COR)

American Society for Quality Six Sigma Black Belt (issued Aug 2008)

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Online, Guided, and Blended Learning Courses (2016-2020)

  • SAFe Practices and Methodology
  • Agile Foundations
  • Agile Scrum Ceremonies
  • Agile Product Owner Role Foundations
  • Agile Project Management with MS Project
  • Agile Software Developer Scrum for Developers
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Product Line Management
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Enterprise Agile
  • DevOps Foundations
  • Creating an Agile Culture
  • Lean Technology Strategies
  • DevOps Continuous Delivery - Continuous Integration
  • Cloud Architecture Foundations
  • Amazon Web Services for Architects Essential Training
  • Amazon Web Services for STorage and Data Mgt
  • Certification Prep ITIL 4 Foundations
  • Cloud Architecture Core Concepts
  • Serverless Computing Architectures
  • Docker on Azure
  • MS Azure Architecting Azure Infrastructure
  • UX Foundations - Information Architecture
  • UX Foundations - Usability Testing
  • UX Research for Agile Teams
  • Learning Azure Concepts
  • Learning Cloud Governance
  • Project Management - Managing Government Projects
  • Project Management Foundations
  • Project Management- Leading Projects
  • Planning a Microsoft Cloud Solution
  • MS PowerBI Foundations
  • Cyber Security- Stacks, Identification, and Endpoint Protection Basics
  • Jira Foundations

Austin Community College (2004-2012)

Formal Education on Special Topics

  • Technical Writing
  • Grants & Proposal Writing
  • Graphics Design & Illustration
  • Interactive Media
  • Online Help and Knowledge Bases
  • Advanced Topics in Graphics Design & Media Production
  • Web Design & Layout

The Future Lies in EXPERIENCES

Over the years I have become heavily involved in user-centric design principles, from old-school requirements methods and fostering Voice of the Customer, to more modern and Agile approaches to translating customer needs into tangible products, services, and organizational capabilities. My favorites are below, prioritized in order of "disruptive technology" and its positive effects in this growing world of online collaboration and COVID19 response strategies. The one commonality they all have, is that they support user, learner, customer, employee, and special group "experiences."


HCD-based Research, Analysis, & Development based on Experiences & Client Journeys


PROSCI / ADKAR Implementation & Campaign Planning to Support DevOps

AR - VR - XR

Advanced Interactive Media & Visual Design for Immersive Experiences


Next-Gen Interactive Content, Demos, & Simulations


Transcription, Media Captioning, UX Design Making Content Available to All


LMS Planning & Design, Knowledge Bases & Wikis to Support Communities of Practice


Innovations in Resource Management and User Experience


Enterprise PMO Support, Strategic Planning, Agile Transformation

Delivering Excellence

I am always open to new opportunities. The enemy of personal growth is career stagnation. Please contact me if you feel there is a good match with your company using the resume request link at the bottom of the RESUME PAGE.


Developer & Partnership Accounts I Maintain

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