Beauty isn’t the web site. It’s the dream behind it. 2014 & 2015
I have selected these for one reason: each represents the business owner and their dreams. Some are more humble, others are grand. But, each was given the love and attention they deserved. Those projects are truly the most beautiful to me.

Here is a growing collection work that showcase sites as diverse and unique as the businesses they support. This collection is ever changing with content being updated monthly.

To get the latest on recent achievements,

Enjoy! - Enrique G.

Warning: From time to time, my designs are modified or content changed. I try to keep up with these 3rd party changes and will let you know when this occurs. In very rare cases, these sites are destroyed beyond repair and will be removed from this collection since they no longer represent the quality of work I provide.

For every site, there’s a great story.

Welcome friends. Relax and enjoy this portfolio. It is my sincerest desire that one day, your site will be added to this list.

Take a look. Ponder the possibilities.
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Web Design Portfolio - Responsive Adaptive Design

Command Results LLC

Command Results is a Colorado based IT company providing IT Project Management consulting and training services.

Coming soon: Command Results LLC online training school and learning management systems to launch late 2015/early 2016- built by Digital Devilry Web & Mobile using Wordpress, Sensei LMS, and other great technologies.,[iframe]

Web Design Portfolio - Responsive Adaptive Design

Digital Devilry

Digital Devilry is prototyping two exciting styles in web design: full screen design stacks, and multidimensional navigation. This app-like approach is still evolving, but initial designs are very exciting and are being adopted by leading companies.

Use the slider below for a “before and after” view.,[iframe]

Web Design Portfolio Project

Prestige Services

Prestige Services is a “white glove” relocation service provider in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

Site design included:

Full screen design
Custom Icons and Graphics
Typeform Immersive Forms
Content Sliders
Image Sliders

Use the slider below for a “before and after” view.,[iframe]

Custom Web Design

Hope’s Kitchen

Hope’s Kitchen Phase I included a site design for a new custom cake business in Austin, Texas.

Site features include:

Custom Cake Quote Builders
Custom Forms
Cake Design Builder (Really Cool!)
Alternate Sticky Navigation
Cake Gallery
New Logo Design

Phase II is in development and includes a full online store for cake supplies (launching soon in 2015).

Use the slider below for a “before and after” view.,[iframe]

eCommerce Stores for Web Sites

Moses Pecan Farm

This family owned pecan farm needed a new website and online store to sell their recent bumper crop of Texas pecans.

Site features included:

Maps Integration
Online eCommerce & Storefront
Custom Shipping Tables
Facebook Store App Integration
eCommerce Consulting and Training

Use the slider below for a “before and after” view.,[iframe]

Web site makeovers and redesigns

Marin Dancewear

This SoCal family owned business runs three retail store fronts: Marin Dancewear, San Jose Dancewear, and Santa Clara Dancewear.

This site redesign project, took existing content and gave it a facelift using a single site design, with slight visual adjustments for each retail site.

Site features included:

Custom Redesign
Image Sliders
Custom Forms

***Disclaimer: This site has been modified as of April 2015 by the owner. Changes are minor, so I elected to retain this in the portfolio as a “concept project.”

Use the slider below for a “before and after” view.,[iframe]

Small business ecommerce

Smoke Detector Pole

This site begins with an inspirational tale of a Texas home inspector that saw a need, and became a self made inventor of a very unique tool. This site serves as both a store front for products, and as a kick starter information site for prospective investors.

Site features include:

Sliding Content
Streaming Media
eCommerce Online Storefront
Newsletter with Sign-up Bonus Promotion
Embedded PDF Reader
Custom Forms
New Logo Design

Use the slider below for a “before and after” view.,[iframe]

Enrique Gomez, Owner

I am an independent web and mobile designer working out of the Austin, TX area. With over 18 years in systems engineering, front end application development, and user experience design I bring both a highly technical and highly artistic blend of talents to all my work. Hire me if you are looking for a tailored approach with refined style and pixel-for-pixel perfection.

Your hiring a pro. I’m not just skilled in web design, but I also hold a degree in computer engineering and an MBA in IT Management. I speak “geek”, “tech”, and “business” with equal fluency.

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